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The History:

Goa Dental Studio was a concept started by two young dynamic dentists, Dr. Adwait Desai and Dr. Mahi Desai, in the year 2000. Obtaining their graduation from the esteemed Goa Dental College, a branch of one of the oldest health institutes in Asia, both felt the need for starting a well equipped dental facility which could handle the technical and knowledge requirements of a wide spectrum of treatments ranging from day to day preventive dentistry to complex restorative work and aesthetic dentistry.

Since its inception, through intense commitment, patience, perseverance, consistency in outlook, adherence to principles and an uncompromising desire to excel, the Goa dental studio has gone from strength to strength in terms of the technology and equipment levels and also the quality and standards of treatment and patient satisfaction. The Goa dental studio is a benchmark for its prompt working style and patient friendly treatment scheduling.

In an effort to make the Goa dental studio completely self reliant in all aspects of treatment, was started the D-Art dental ceramics Laboratory, which caters to the ceramics and permanent implant needs of not only the Goa dental studio but almost all the major dental practices in this part of the country. With its constant technological upgrades, well trained and experienced staff, team of dedicated professionals Goa Dental studio is nothing short of the most complete dental health establishment one can hope to find.

Having established itself firmly in the local and the national market, the next step is reaching out to the international market, to offer the best possible service and be the benchmark of patient satisfaction worldwide...

The Goa Dental Studio

Our Surgery is fully equipped with state of the art dental equipments like the Digital RVG, Intraoral Camera, light care unit, etc. These newer technological updates make your treatment diagnosis quicker and more accurate, thus improving the quality of standards and patient satisfaction.


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