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In today’s world a charming and pleasing appearance often is the key to success in person as well as professional life and because the mouth is one of the focal points of the face the smile plays a major role in how we perceive ourselves as well as the impressions we make on people around us.

Let us see if we can make a difference:

Do you have spaces in your front teeth?
If you have a space or diastema in your front teeth have it checked specially if it was not there always. Such spaces can grow larger indicating gum disease and would require professional help. If no problem exists then you can get the diastema corrected by veneering or crowns.

Do you have stained teeth?
Stained teeth can be quite embarrassing at work or amongst friends. It is possible to lighten the shade of your teeth by tooth whitening procedures. too dark stains which are lightened by whitening but still show would require veneering.

Do you have a bad breadth?
A bad breadth can be quite a turn off and would require immediate attention. A thorough scaling and polishing is the basic line of treatment. You will have to get your teeth filled and replace missing teeth too. A bad breadth indicates gum disease, tooth decay or a systemic illness.

Are your newly made dentures unstable?
Your dentures can be made stable with the use of implants. The mini implant can be placed without incision or stitches and within a couple of hours you have secure firm dentures. t is a one step procedure where in you walk into our surgery with rocking dentures and walk out with firm stable dentures.

No one likes an ageing smile at our surgery we take care to see that you get your younger look back (yes but within physiological limits).

- First and foremost treatment involves correction of un natural wear of teeth.
- Treatment for gum and bone loss.
- Replace fillings wherever necessary.
- Tooth whitening is a must.
- Replace mising teeth, missing teeth can cause your bite to collapse and tissues to sag.

Goa is a fantastic paradise destination with its beautiful beaches, sparkling waters, serene atmosphere and splendid hospitality and we here at our surgery offer you a wonderful and grand opportunity to enjoy and experience the wonders of the sun and the sand accompanied with world class dental facility.

So in goa with us, you enjoy a brilliant vacation along with total dental care where you save and enjoy-both. Thus providing you with an excellent value for your money and time.

Goa is indeed the place to be this vacation.


Goa, the land of sand and surf - has many beautiful beach resorts with superb beaches that makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations of India.

Succulently hybrid and determinedly individual, Goa may just surprise you.

With many temples, churches and beaches on its land, it makes up a perfect destination for your holidays. Its truely the paradise on earth.

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