Bogmalo and Majorda, along with Arossim and Utorda are broad, flat, and open. They are among the least heavily used beaches. There are small clusters of beach shack restaurants and occasional fishing villages scattered under the coconut palms.

Bogmalo Beach

In Bogmalo, the Oberois manage a property built by Trade Wings. The building is right on the sea. As the waves lash the parapets of the open-air restaurant, the drone of the restless Arabian Sea lulls to sleep even the most insomniac. Beyond are mysterious little islands, shipwrecks in the silt and, around the hotel, plenty of pleasant eateries-each one of them claiming to be Osibisa’s favorite. That pardonable selling trick began about 10 years ago when the Oberoi hosted the group.

Majorda Beach

From Bogmalo down south, there is Majorda beach and the Majorda Beach Resort. Majorda is the village where the Jesuits, fond as they were of the good things of life, discovered the best Goan toddy (sap from the coconut palm), which they used to leaven the bread. Naturally, then, Majorda is the place where the Goans were first trained in the delicate art of baking European breads. The Majordans are still Goa’s best bakers. The delights of the beach, however, were discovered much earlier, in the mythic times when the gods above went through a lot of turmoil. There is a Goan version of Ramayana and therein Lord Rama was kidnapped as a child and brought up at Majorda. Later, in pursuit of Sita, he camped at Cabo de Rama-a headland further south-where the stretch of developed beaches ends.

Things to see and do:

Issorcim Beach
Just about ½ km before you reach Bogmalo, there is a fork in the road. Go left and you reach a tiny cove with a little beach, called Issorcim beach. This beach is completely secluded save for local villagers, and is particularly good fro fishing. It has just one restaurant the Copacabana Bar and restaurant, at the end of the road to Hollant, which is closed most of the time.
This is also the lonely place apart from Grade island where plate coral grows.

Sao Jacinto Island
About 5 km from Bogmalo, San Jacinto Island is in the Marmgao bay, off the Panaji Vasco Highway, to which it is connected by causeway. Its is lovely little island with old houses and picturesque chapel. Beyond it , a path goes up the hill to a look-out point which may have originally been a kadamba-period lighthouse. The island is partly fortified, to ward off the possibility of using it as a staging post for an assault on marmugao fort. In the middle of the village there is an ancient spring used by villagers fro drinking water.


Majorda is located at a distance of 18 km from Dabolim Airport and connected to Margao with buses, motorcycle taxis, and taxis.Accomodation Towering above the Southern end of the beach

Bogmalo Beach Resort, built before the coastal construction restrictions came into force.Its unique enbles all the 123 rooms to face sea. There are other places like Joets Guest house, Sarita Guest house,, Etc.



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