If you drove in from the southern state of Karnataka and wanted to discover the nearest, reasonably well-known Goan beach, the chances are that you’d be directed to Palolem. It’s a beach of white sand facing a blue bay between two headlands. The little wooded islands on the northern headland look interesting but as we’ve never ventured onto any of them we don’t know what landing on them would be like. If you’re interested, try to persuade one of the fishermen - this is also a fishing beach - to ferry you across. They do offer to take you out to spot dolphins. Tourists have discovered Palolem and so there are a few shacks selling seafood snacks, souvenirs and clothes of the shapeless, bright, informal kind. Panaji, the capital, is more than 70 km away.

Things to see and do

Pandava’s Drum
At the southern end of the beach is a stream, turn left here and continue along the path till you see a large cup shaped rock. This is the pandava’s drum. Peopple throw stones on top of the rock. If you hit a particular place, it gives a resonant sound. This area is full of Pandava’s legends.

Figueiredo House
Go a little further along the path and you come to some small coves. Ahead is a house, built in early 20th century as a beach house by the figueiredo family. It was damaged by vandal’s so its now a part of Neptune point hotel.

The Island
At the extreme northern end of the beach is the island. You have to wade across the stream at the north end of the beach to reach there. Then walk pass the funny shaped rocks till you see a rock like bridge across. Avoid that, its tricky. Instead wade across a low tide and just before this
Bridge. There are paths to follow, and it can be fun exploring.

Water sports
Apart from canoe rides and dolphin spotting cruises , there is a little other water sport here. The fisherman on the beach organize these trips. Typical charges are 1000 /- per boat and each boat can carry about 6 people. Trip takes about an hour.

Palolem Beach - Transportation

Palolem is just 3 km away from Canacona Railway Junction, now on the Konkan Railway. You can hire taxis and auto-rickshaws to reach Palolem beach from Margao, 40 km away. There are regular buses from Margao to Palolem that would drop you at Canacona village.

Palolem Beach - Accomodation

There are beautiful beach huts and family room to choose from in Palolem. Try to avoid the weekends, as there is a big crowd of picnickers who throng the beach on weekends
Palolem Beach Resort: tel: 0832-2643054, 2644094. Has rooms and tents, motorcycles and bicycles on hire, trips and hammocks.
Hi-Tide Coco huts: (tel: 2643104) Has 24 romantic huts on coconut palm stilts.



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