Ancestral Goa is built around the legend of Big Foot which has endured over the centuries.

The local legend goes that, a wealthy landowner by the name of Mahadar blessed with a deep sense of duty and unending goodness, helped the local poor. Greedy neighbours wishing to take advantage of his naiveté kept on asking him for help till one day fleeced all his possessions and destitute with the loss of his wife, he was left alone.

The Gods pleased with his devotion granted him immortality only if he paid penance by standing on one foot atop a rock. This done Mahadar was taken to heaven whereupon, the footprint he left behind promised luck to whosoever stood on it with a heart free from greed and malice.

The Dance Floor

The Big Foot is Goa's biggest designer dance floor shaped like a giant foot and has been created for the express purpose of being a versatile venue for all types of functions and entertainment events like weddings, anniversaries, seminars, dances etc.

A curved entrance standing guarded over by two vividly painted soldiers leads onto a grassy and dewy carpet of greenery. Surrounded by glorious and vibrant bouganvillae, amply branched, shaded trees provide an exotic foreground for the pebbled, seahorse studded entryway to the floor.

The natural carpet of grass around the Big Foot dance floor is trimmed and maintains a smart look all through the year. The five toes are big enough to accommodate bands and other entertainers. This place provides a breath-taking view of the lush green surroundings overlooking the vast hill range of South Goa. A sparkling illuminated fountain with water cascading over the shells and rocks enhances the beauty of the dance floor.

An enclosed buffet area, bar and clean and ample public facilities add to an aura of completeness, If desired, in house catering, music bands on contact and even lighting and decoration orders are undertaken.

Complete and composite on its own, this floor in the daytime offers a fantastic view of the neighbouring villages and the meandering silver ribbon of the Zuari river. At night, when lit up with faery lights and neon focuses the "Big Foot" impresses one as " Paradise revisted "!

The Big Foot dance floor, measures 40 mts. by 18 mts. and a comfortable number of 2,500 people can be accomodated in the 9,000 sq. meter area. The spacious and well planned parking area is well lit as is the tarred road that leads up to the dance floor from the main road.

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