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  • John Burke and Russel Gray (Location: Warrington):

    Goa is a truly wonderful place to holiday. To combine extensive dental work at the same time is amazing. After some research we discovered the wonderful GOA DENTAL STUDIO.

    Having a fear of dentists, we both agree that the attention to detail from the first consultation to the end result is outstanding and totally pain free.

    Both my friend and I had 20 porcelain crowns made and fitted over four visits and any work done is at your pace and at a FRACTION OF THE COST in the UK.

    If you are considering any dental work we both highly recommend this true professional. WE simply cannot praise Dr Mahi enough.

    If you need reassurance of what can only be described as a remarkable experience which you can arrange from the UK, you can get in touch with us. We live in Warrington and have added our phone no: 01925 852877.


  • Carol Jones (Location: New Zealand):

    Having decided I needed extensive dental work, I set out to find a suitable clinic at affordable prices. After much surfing the web, I finally chose “The Goa Dental Studio” and sent an enquiry email. I had a reply within 24 hours.

    We continued to correspond for a number of months. I had also sent a copy of my dental records from my regular dentist.

    An interim quotation was sent based on those records. They also phoned me to explain in layman terms what the quotation consisted of and why. For that I was very grateful and my mind set at ease.

    The studio booked me into a hotel of my choice and were at the airport on my arrival. They even telephoned my husband to let him know I had arrived safely. “Thank You!!” The first appointment was a checkup and ‘Look See’. We then talked about the best way to deal with my complete dental restoration.

    After agreement, the treatment began the next day. I have had 4 bridges made and 14 teeth crowned with non metal ceramic crowns as I have a metal allergy. The treatment took place over a period of 21 days to ensure there was enough time to do all the trials before a final placement and fitting.

    I felt much care and attention was given to me and on a scale of 1-10 the pain level I would mark at 2. The whole process was easier and more gentle than I could have expected (We all know how traumatic dental work can be!). I am very happy with the results. I have no hesitation in recommending “The Goa Dental Studio” to anyone needing any type of dental treatment.

    New Zealand

    PHONE: 00862158770735 / 09970619564
    Email: /

    Treatment Done:
    Full mouth rehabilitation for a tetracycline staining case
    17 porcelain to Gold crowns/ bridge
    14 empress pure porcelain metal free crowns/bridge



Goa, the land of sand and surf - has many beautiful beach resorts with superb beaches that makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations of India.

Succulently hybrid and determinedly individual, Goa may just surprise you.

With many temples, churches and beaches on its land, it makes up a perfect destination for your holidays. Its truely the paradise on earth.

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