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Dental plans are made for your benefit of choice of treatment as well as time and money management. However if you wish you may not go in for all treatment options in a particular plan although we do not offerany discount for treatment you choose not to have yet a different treatment of same value or less can be offered to you.

Treatment in which ceramic crowns are involved for ease of understanding all calculations are made taking into consideration the BASIC porcelain fused to metal crown. IF you choose to make a crown higher in grade or a metal fre additional charges will be considered as mentioned in our basic pricing.

All money is accepted in any foreign currency or its equivalent in Indian rupees. [1 EUR = 80 INR]

For residential plans the client has to pay 50% of the amount one month prior to the day of arrival and the remaining 50% on the day of commensing the treatment.

The goa dental studio has the authority of changing the plase of your stay without much prior notice if need arises in case of emergency


Goa, the land of sand and surf - has many beautiful beach resorts with superb beaches that makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations of India.

Succulently hybrid and determinedly individual, Goa may just surprise you.

With many temples, churches and beaches on its land, it makes up a perfect destination for your holidays. Its truely the paradise on earth.

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