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Tooth Sensitivity is indicated by a sharp radiating pain experienced by the patient while consuming hot or chilled beverages. We at our surgery help u get rid of this extremely painful and uncomfortable condition with the use of Tooth Mousse which brings about re-mineralization in the affected tooth area. This product is developed by the University Of Melbourne, Australia.

Indications for tooth mousse application:
1. Dental sensitivity
2. Prevention of white spot lesions on tooth
3. After bleaching
4. After scaling and root planing
5. Treatment of tooth erosion
6. In caries prevention
7. In carious lesions
8. Need for fluoride uptake

Tooth mousse provides that extra protection to your teeth. Itís a water based sugar free cream containing, Recaldent* CCP-ACP (casein phoshphopeptide-amorphous calcium phosphate) itís available in multiple flavors such as strawberry, melon, vanilla, mint, tutti-frutti. Take your pick.

When applied to your tooth it works by binding to the bio-films, hyroxy-apetite of the tooth and thus localizes the bio availability of calcium and phosphate, saliva also helps by enhancing the effectiveness of the product and the flavor in turn stimulates and encourages salivary flow.


Q: Can tooth mousse reverse white-spot lesions?
Ans: Yes it can.
In white-spot defects there are sub- surface voids which get re-mineralized .for some lesions it maybe necessary to pre-treat the tooth probably by leaching acid etching or micro abrasion.

Q: Can tooth mousse be used in cases of dental erosion?
Ans: Itís very effective.
As it makes calcium and phosphate ions available at the tooth surface at higher levels than by normal salivary flow.

Q: Is a single application sufficient?
Ans: Yes, preferably with a professional flavored application because the tooth mousse promotes the uptake of fluoride ions by tooth enamel.

Q: What time of the day is best for tooth mousse application?
Ans: Tooth mousse works best in presence of saliva and hence application before bed time is better since saliva clearance rate is low during sleep, but the dentist holds final authority in opinion regarding this.

Q: Is tooth mousse alone an alternative to fluoride for anti-fluoride patients?
Ans: At the moment yes, itís a completely natural and safe product derived from casein (milk protein) and hence safe and effective for such patients.


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