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Itís a dental procedure in which the infected or damaged pulp is removed and after thorough cleaning and disinfection the inside areas are cleaned and sealed. The pulp is the soft tissue in the tooth that contains nerves blood vessels and connective tissue.

Why is rct necessary? First and foremost it saves the tooth that otherwise would have to be extracted
The most common cause of pulp Infection is a deep cavity or a cracked tooth this causes bacteria to enter the pulp and cause infection inside the tooth if not treated timely pus builds up in the tooth and root causing abscess in the gum which is painful and damages surrounding teeth and bone.. Procedure after local anesthesia, the tooth is open to drain by a small opening in the centre and pulp chamber and root canals are cleaned Ö

X-ray is taken- access opening is made in the tooth crown.
Cleaning the pulp chamber and root canal.
Medications are put into the root canal to treat infections.
Temporary filling is placed in the crown for added protection and relief in between dental visits. In the final steps after root filling is done a porcelain cap is placed on the tooth.

RCT CAN BE COMPLETED IN ONE SINGLE VISIT... but u will be guided according to condition of infection at our surgery .back teeth usually require more time for treatment because they have more canals. x-rays will be taken as and when needed

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