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Itís a process in which discolorations of tooth are lightened.
Causes of discoloration... most common reasons include consumption of heavily colored food, Indian spicy curries, berries, coffee, tea, red wine. Ageing and smoking are also most common causes of discoloration...

The pola, tooth whitening system gives u a whiter smile in as fast as thirty minutes thus instantly boosting your self confidence whatever whatever... its one of the fastest tooth whitening systems available today. The pola advanced tooth whitening system gives u a choice to choose from pola office, pola day and pola night.

Pola office: it gives u that dazzling smile in 30 mins flat and can be done by a lightning visit to the dentist on your way to work or back home or just before a party.

Pola night: you are provided with vaccuform custom fitted trays which u can use at home ,u can wear the trays with pola night inside for as little as 40 mins a day for 5 to 10 nights depending upon your dentists better judjement.with either option the patient achieves a whiter, attractive smile.

Goa, the land of sand and surf - has many beautiful beach resorts with superb beaches that makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations of India.

Succulently hybrid and determinedly individual, Goa may just surprise you.

With many temples, churches and beaches on its land, it makes up a perfect destination for your holidays. Its truely the paradise on earth.

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