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Implant dentistry is a revolution in tooth replacement. In this system we replace a tooth for tooth and this makes it the most advanced and most popular system of fixed dental prosthesis. And much to your relief it is a relatively painless and simple procedure.

Dental implantsare placed in place of a missing tooth or teeth directly into the bone.Over it are attached the prosthetic dentures or crowns..

So the main advantage of an implant is that it tricks the bone into thinking that there is a tooth presentand thus by transmitting chewing or masticatory forces to the jaw it stimulates the bone and thus it is said to improve bone density.

Your overall appearance definitely improves remarkably and you start looking and feeling much younger than your actual age because implants not only correct the lost bone mass of your jaw but also correct wrinkles, drooping chin, thin lips and more importantly removes that sulky old look. You start feeling a lot more healthier because your diet improves dramatically. Oral health also improves as you can floss and brush normally as natural teeth.

Placement of implants would cost you as follows(per implant):

Actual implant prosthesis and placement: 375 to 575
Implant core /structure to receive crown: 60
Actual crown on implant: 55 to 120

No of visits required are 6,8 or 10
N.B.-You will have to visit again after a period of 4-6 months for crown or bridge placement. If bone is grafted the initial implant is placed afer say 4-6 months (Bone grafting cost depends on the extent of graft tissue).
But most importantly although implant dental prosthesis takes some more of your valuable time and requires additional visits yet it is definitely worth the time and effort you put in.

Implants are also useful in stabilizing your denturesThe mini implant can be placed withoutincision or stitches and within a couple of hours you have secure firm dentures. It is a one step procedure where in you walk into our surgery with rocking dentures and walk out with firm stable dentures.(remember we require a day prior to evaluate your case and plan it accordingly).


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