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About Goa (India)

About Goa (India)

"The land of sand and surf"

More vacationers visit Goa every year then any other destination on the west coast of India. Why? Wonderful climate. A glorious history richly preserved in churches, forts, traditional homes, villages and its cities. Spectacular pageantry. Colourful festivals. Warm and gracious people. Superb cuisine. Goa is one of India's most laid back, yet sophisticated and exciting , destinations. From miles and miles of sunny beaches, to the splendors of its quaint cities, towns and cobbled alleyways, Goa is more than just beaches and sunshine. It's also the charm and magic of exotic resorts, a verdant green countryside, lush green forests and abundant wildlife topped with the legendary warmth and hospitality of the Goan people.

And away from the beaten track , travelers discover a romantic and other-century goa in its medieval small towns, and beautiful villagers, with rich flora and fauna. There is so much to see and yet at the end of it all you feel there's too little time.

A truly exhilarating out of this world experience that only Goa can provide. Whether it's fun adventure , sunshine, spirituality or just plain relaxation, you don't need to look beyond the magical land of Goa.