How to take care of your child’s dental health?

Dental Care

How to take care of your child’s dental health?

Dental health was very much neglected in the earlier times but presently with growing awareness things have definitely changed for the better.

Good Dental health is very important for your child’s overall well-being.

Good oral care not only helps improve dental health but also encourages good habits and discipline at a very young age.

Here is how ,you can make brushing fun for your child!!

  • Set a routine. It is seen that children learn to follow instructions better when it is done at a particular time this case twice a day.
  • Make it a family brushing time, at least mommy or daddy should brush with the kiddos if possible.
  • Go shopping…we all like to shop, so allowing your child to shop for her own brush is a good engaging activity. She can choose the colour and pictures on the brush while you take care to see that a soft bristled baby brush is chosen.
  • Brush for at least 2 minutes putting on your favourite song…this has to be made into a fun activity remember??????
  • Regular visits to the dentist can be planned with some incentives like a favourite game or going to the park etc.

At what age should my child start brushing?

Brushing or cleaning of teeth and gums should begin even before the teeth are totally erupted in the mouth. One most important point is that never put a baby to sleep with a sugary drink or sugary milk bottle .The bacteria reacting with the sugars can cause the teeth to erupt with decay , pits and spots. This is called baby bottle teeth decay .

Wipe the gum pads after bottle feeding with a damp soft cloth.Keep the oral cavity clean at all times .Don’t forget to burp baby before she falls asleep.

When your child grows up to 6 months , shift to a sipper or sipper with spoon.

Teething problems in children…How to take care?

Teething usually starts at 6 months and goes on intermittently up to 3 years.

During this time the child can get irritable, drooling saliva, increased biting or chewing, constantly wanting attention, not eating, red swollen gums, rash around the mouth, and also have fever .

This is definitely one of the toughest times for your child and also for you as a parent.

Stay calm and don’t panic. Take a deep breath, these are all signs of teeth erupting in the mouth . Although it will not be a continuous process yet till the time the child is about 3 years , she will go through this process of teething.

So what should you do?

1)First…. Don’t panic……This too shall pass…,????

2)Secondly rub a wet soft cloth gently on the gum.

The cloth has to be clean and can be cold too . You can keep a spoon in the fridge and touch the gum slowly with it . It does give relief.

3)There are teething toys available in the market which can be chilled and given to the child to bite on..But here please be careful and buy medically certified teething toys of reputed companies bec of the material that may be used…so be careful.

4)Another good way is to keep a carrot in the fridge and give the child to bite on.

5)If there is fever or the child is too uncomfortable please call your dentist or pediatric doctor for advice and medicines.

6) Last but not the least , this is not an easy time for both of you , your child as well as you as a parent, so ask for help from a your spouse, a friend, your family so that growing up and parenting both can be an enjoyable process for you and your beautiful baby!!

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