Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

Carol Jones (Location: New Zealand)
Having decided I needed extensive dental work, I set out to find a suitable clinic at affordable prices. After much surfing the web, I finally chose “The Goa Dental Studio” and sent an enquiry email. I had a reply within 24 hours.

We continued to correspond for a number of months. I had also sent a copy of my dental records from my regular dentist.

An interim quotation was sent based on those records. They also phoned me to explain in layman terms what the quotation consisted of and why. For that I was very grateful and my mind set at ease.

The studio booked me into a hotel of my choice and were at the airport on my arrival. They even telephoned my husband to let him know I had arrived safely. “Thank You!!” The first appointment was a checkup and ‘Look See’. We then talked about the best way to deal with my complete dental restoration.

After agreement, the treatment began the next day. I have had 4 bridges made and 14 teeth crowned with non metal ceramic crowns as I have a metal allergy. The treatment took place over a period of 21 days to ensure there was enough time to do all the trials before a final placement and fitting.

I felt much care and attention was given to me and on a scale of 1-10 the pain level I would mark at 2. The whole process was easier and more gentle than I could have expected (We all know how traumatic dental work can be!). I am very happy with the results. I have no hesitation in recommending “The Goa Dental Studio” to anyone needing any type of dental treatment.

New Zealand
CONTACT DETAILS: PHONE: 00862158770735 / 09970619564
Email: /

Treatment Done:
Full mouth rehabilitation for a tetracycline staining case
17 porcelain to Gold crowns/ bridge
14 empress pure porcelain metal free crowns/bridge
Marianne Hardy (Location: Bermondsey, UK)
I owe it all to you Dr. Mahi & the fantastic job you have done over the last 3 years, for my perfect smile. As you know when I first came to see you, I was so nervous, my teeth were in a right old state. You put me at ease & worked your magic.

As you know I've just got married this year & was able to smile & show my teeth at the same time.Thank you so much

Vivienne Green (Location: London, UK)
I visited Goa Dental Studio last January after a recommendation from a friend. I wanted some crowns, I had 2 teeth that needed crowning and 2 that I wanted done for cosmetic reasons. I had had a quote from my dentist in the Uk; I could have 2 done on the NHS but the other 2 would have to be done privately. Secretly I wanted all my teeth crowned from one side of my smile to the other and after a meeting with Mahi when she gave me some instant quotes, that is exactly what I had done, 17 teeth in total!

I had one session preparing the teeth and having temporaries fitted. Of course I was not looking forward to this at all but it was nowhere near as bad as I expected. Mahi devoted an entire day to me so I could have a break whenever I needed it (I only had one break), obviously there was some discomfort but I had very little pain, the injections were the worst thing and Mahi gave me a couple and waited until they had set in before moving around my mouth. I went back a few days later to get my new teeth, they were all temporarily fitted so I could check them, there was one i was not happy with, the original tooth was set too far back and hadnt been brought in line quite enough so that went back to the lab and the rest were permanently fitted. I went back 2 days later for a check up and to have the last tooth done.

I had this work done in my two week holiday and I was worried it might spoil my holiday having all this dental work done but it didn't at all. I am absolutely thrilled with my new teeth and so very glad I had them done!
Joseph Seitz (Location: AUSTRALIA)
I was missing four upper teeth and my other teeth were not in the best condition. In order for local denists to leave me without "dentures" it would have put me into great debt, therefore in February of this year I decided to take a risk; I went on a great holiday and had my teeth fixed! All up I had ten crowns, over three bridges, a root canal treatment and tooth whitening performed by Dr Mahi Desai. I was able to spend two weeks at the most beautiful beaches in India at Calangute, in Goa, and get my mouth looking and feeling great all well under budget.

The care and attention received from Dr Desai and her staff would put most Australian Dentists to shame. I would highly recommend Goa Dental Studio to anyone interested in having any dental work done, it was a thouroughly enjoyable experience.

My mobile telephone number in Australia is 0413 001 658 and I am happy to have a chat.

Thank you Dr Desai and Staff at The Goa Dental Studio

Burnley Lancs (Location: England)
I visited the dentist here in Goa, originally just for an estimate for my top teeth.

But the care, attention and expertise… I was amazed with not to mention the price. I found that I could afford to have them done this year..And I am going home with beautiful white teeth. I cannot emphasize enough how pleased I am and will recommend this dentist to anyone.

You can email me on:
Linda Hopkins (Location: England)
What a fantastic dentist. In just two visits she gave me the smile I have always wanted. I cannot speak highly enough and a GREAT PRICE.
Samantha Griesel and Nick Davis (Location: Upper Stratton, Swindon)
We received very professional care and are extremely happy with the result. Dr Desai took a great deal of time to explain the procedure and options available to us.

Great care was taken to ensure that we were comfortable. Our new smiles are terrific and I would be very happy to recommend The Goa Dental Studio.
Cherryl Lloyd (Location: England)
I have been worried about my teeth for years and I was told earlier that there was nothing that could be done about them. When I came to see Goa Dental Studio for the first time, I was over the moon when you said you could fix them.

I will always remember this holiday and thank you very much for my beautiful teeth.

Treatment Done: FULL ARCH REHABILITATION (Age:56 years)
Mr Patrick Moore (Location: Nottinghamshire, England)
If you are contemplating Dental treatment, I would recommend this professional and caring practice. My treatment consisted of 8 implants as well as several crowns and Bridges. The results are amazing.

Treatment Done: 8 implants and several crowns and bridges (Age:75 years)
James David Garlick and Dorothy Garlick (Location: Essex)
First rate consultation in both our cases. Full explanations and options were provided. Excellent care and compassion during our treatment. Highly professional approach to ensure best available results meeting all our requirements. After-treatment care provided. Highly recommended.

John Lindsay (Location: St Helier)
The treatment was amazing. Gave me the smile I have always wanted. Cant believe the difference.

John Burke and Russel Gray (Location: Warrington)
Goa is a truly wonderful place to holiday. To combine extensive dental work at the same time is amazing. After some research we discovered the wonderful GOA DENTAL STUDIO.

Having a fear of dentists, we both agree that the attention to detail from the first consultation to the end result is outstanding and totally pain free.

Both my friend and I had 20 porcelain crowns made and fitted over four visits and any work done is at your pace and at a FRACTION OF THE COST in the UK.

If you are considering any dental work we both highly recommend this true professional. WE simply cannot praise Dr Mahi enough.

If you need reassurance of what can only be described as a remarkable experience which you can arrange from the UK, you can get in touch with us. We live in Warrington and have added our phone no: 01925 852877.
Michael Edwards (Location: England)
Absolutely amazing. I am very pleased with the results. I cant recommend them enough.

Treatment Done: Anterior Aesthetic
Lynn young (Location: Sussex)
Very satisfied in every aspect of treatment and excellent after care.
Glyn and Wanda Pemberton (Location: New Zealand)
We Had treatment done at the Goa Dental Studio. They were very professional and had a friendly attitude. The work was of a high very standard and we thoroughly recommend them.

Treatment Done: Crown and Bridge work and Aesthetic Crowns/Veneers
Lorraine Mcwally (Location: Liverpool)
The treatment I was given was excellent. I have not been to the dentist for many years due to my fear of needles. Mahi was very caring and the treatment was painless.I now have new white veneers. Thank you very much.

Treatment Done: Anterior Veneers
Christine Mccullough (Location: Bicester Oxon, England)
I arrived in Goa on the 10/11/2007 and had my first dental appointment at the Studio on the 11th. On the 20/11/2007 my treatment was completed!

The professionalism of Dr Mahi and her Husband Dr Adwait is top class. The attention to detail, the pain management skills, the committment to 'your'dental work and pride in a job done to the best of standards, is first class for the both of them jointly and individually. They are both lovely warm people who work very hard to ensure the job is completed to yours and their satisfaction.

I have every confidence in recommending the services of the Goa Dental Studio for any Dental work that you may require.

I am now the proud owner of a perfect Hollywood Smile!

Christine McCullough.
Phone No: 01869327905

Charlene Mills (Location: Beaverton,Or 97007 U.S.A)
"Dr Desai has given me excellent care, thorough answers to my questions, quick response to the very few problems that came up. Plus they have been very kind and caring. They helped me to a pharmacy, my bank and even home afterwards. This helpfulness while not something i paid for was truly helpful and appreciated. They did an excellent job. Infact i was in competant hands with all the three caring and excellent dentists."

Treatment Done: 6 implants placed and direct sinus lift done.
Valerie Burbridge (Location: Birmingham)
"Treatment options clearly outlined at consultation. Caring and polite services from all staff. Appointments to fit in with holiday plans. Delighted with the appreance of my newly crowned and veneered front teeth."

Treatment Done: Veneers and crowns placed in e-max
Paula Swarbreck (Location: Republic of south Africa)
"Excellent treatment. Done quickly and without pain and at a very reasonable cost. Thank you"

Phone No: 27118870194

Treatment Done: Implants placed in upper jaw
Pamela Clayton (Location: Liverpool, England)
"I found the consultation very informative and reassuring that time was taken to listen to me. The treatment was excellent – pain free and the results were everything I wanted."

Treatment Done: Anterior and posterior crowns and bridges and teeth whitening
Mrs. Maher (Location: Liverpool, England)
"Very professional, very polite and never felt a thing. Never been to a dentist in years because of fear of pain but now after being here I do not mind going to one."

Treatment Done: Teeth whitening and cast partial lower denture
Mary Boulter (Location: Leicester, England)
"Very clean and modern surgery. Excellent service, nice staff no pain and work done very quickly. I would recommend to anyone in Goa. Thanks!"

Treatment Done: six e-max pure porcelain crowns done
Kathleen Armstrong (Location: England)
"Treatment and after care first class. Great job done. Can smile again!"

Treatment Done: Porcelain crowns on full upper arch and extractions done
Mary Hutchings (Location: Norwich, England)
"Excellent! Does not try to sell something that does not need to be done. Three members of same family. Very impressed!"
Ian Inwood (Location: England)
"Clean, very professional! Excellent work done!"

Treatment Done: Extractions and 12 porcelain crowns to restore smile
Teresa Hammond Bines (Location: England)
"Very patient consistent and caring. Excellent and professional dental service with an added excellent receptionist."

Treatment Done: Full moth rehabilitation with denture and porcelain crowns
Pamela Dixion (Location: England)
"Treatment is excellent with great attention to dental requirement and great care later to reassure and build doctor patient rapport."

Treatment Done: Porcelain bridge and white fillings
Kathleen Walton (Location: England)
"Absolutely perfect and highly delighted with the denture. Definitely recommended."

Treatment Done: Porcelain crowns on full upper arch and extractions done
Martyn Williams (Location: Hinckley, England)
"Excellent service… highly recommended. Will definitely come back next year for more work. Thanks a lot."

Treatment Done: Gold crown
Mr. Stephan Wright (Location: Cyprus)
"Very good treatment overall, with excellent care and attention to details and received exactly what I required in a very short space of time. Great results which recovered and restored my smile! Great job!"

Treatment Done: Anterior Porcelain Crowns
Mr. Trevor Jones (Location: Cyprus)
"Excellent treatment, very professional and great care taken. Fantastic finished job at a very reasonable cost. Very highly recommended. For confirmation you can call me on 00-90-542-8510104"

Treatment Done: Complete Denture
Miss Kapil Raikar (Age: 28yrs, Profession: Microbiologist)
"Five years ago I had six upper front teeth and six lower front teeth crowned in porcelain. Today five years later I do not have any problems whatsoever with the treatment done and they look great. I also had got a posterior bridge done round about the same time. I have already recommended Dr Mahi Desai and Dr Adwait Desai to my family and friends and would recommend her to you too. For any more information feel free to call me on +919822162300."
Mr Arun Telang (Age: 50yrs, Profession: Professor)
"Had visited the clinic first 4 yrs ago because my daughter had an infected molar. Root canal was done and crown placed and has no problems with the tooth since then. I myself have got two three unit bridges and a few fillings done. The service offered is very recommendable and the atmosphere at the clinic very comfortable. For more information you could contact me on +9108322335362 after 8 pm IST."
Mr Dilip (Age: 55yrs, Profession: Businessman)
"Mine is an interesting story. Six years ago I had been to a well known dentist in goa and was advised to get many of my teeth extracted and make a denture. Well I did not want to go in for that treatment for personal reasons and then someone referred me to Dr Mahi. Well the dentist at Goa Dental Studio took a few impressions and made models of my existing teeth then. A few radiographs were taken.

8 root canals were done and posts placed in three teeth and I got 14 of my teeth crowned. Today I am very confident of myself and am out of my free will recommending a lot of my friends and business clients to them. The after service offered by the dental studio is definitely amazing. I am reminded and called every six months for a check up. They are definitely a very friendly team. For more information you can call me on +919422439877."

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